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Argentina Still Holds Clues to Grexit Securitization Fallout

If you want to know what a Greek exit from the euro would do to the €16.64 billion ($18.54 billion) of bonds out there backed by Greek assets, start with Argentina.

For Grexit Securitization Fallout, Look to Argentina

If you want an idea of what a Grexit would do to the roughly $16.7 billion of securitizations out there backed by assets in Greece, a good place to start is Argentina circa 2002-2003.

Bacchiocchi joins Clifford Chance

Much of Bacchiocchi's practice has been focused on repping sponsors, issuers and underwriters in cross-border deals out of Latin America.

Cat Bond Investors Escape Hurricane Odile Unscathed

The storm, which made landfall near Cabo San Lucas in Mexico on Sept. 15, had threatened holders of $100 million of MultiCat Mexico Ltd. (Series 2012-1) Class C notes with a 50% loss of their principal.

Russian RMBS: Safe, For Now

The fact that deals are backed by fixed-rate mortgages helps protect them from climbing interest rates in Russia. Very low LTVs also help.



Ratings Disagreements Head to Mexico

Controversy over the Mexican equipment lease sector

After Crash, Brazilian ABS Poised to Recover

After contracting sharply last year amid regulatory uncertainty and an economic slowdown, Brazil’s structured finance market now appears to be poised for a recovery.

New Blood Revives Russian RMBS

Five new originators of Russian RMBS debuted last year; players say the issuer stable will keep growing.

Fitch: Securitization Investors Span the Globe

Investors no longer feel limited to their own country for securitization investment opportunities; they are becoming comfortable with the risks and rewards of investing in and owning a global book.


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