Commercial MBS


Rialto Plans NPL CMBS

The $94 million deal has a significantly higher REO exposure than the last five non-performing loan transactions rated by Kroll Bonds Rating.

DB, Cantor Add $1.2B to CMBS Line-Up

With COMM 2014-CCRE17, the volume of CMBS deal marketing this week hits $4.3 billion.

Wells Fargo, RBS Market $1.3B CMBS Conduit

The banks’ WFRBS 2014-C20 transaction is backed by 98 fixed rate commercial mortgage loans that are secured by 142 properties.

JP Morgan, Barclays Add $1.4B to CMBS Pipeline

The banks' JPMBB 2014-C19 CMBS conduit is backed by 61 commercial mortgage loans that are secured by 100 properties.

Well Fargo First Up in CMBS Reboot

The bank is marketing a $449 million floating-rate deal backed by 25 commercial mortgage loans.



Editor's Letter

As July came to a close, it was clear to everyone at ASR that the structured finance market was not about to take a vacation.

People on the Move

DFG Taps Goldman Vet, Barclays Bulks Up on CMBS, Ares Adds Jeffrey Kramer and the ASF Retains Mike Williams as Policy Adviser

Silver Lining

Could higher yields end up deepening the investor base for asset-backeds?

CMBS Approaching Point of No Return

The commercial mortgage-backed securities market’s near miraculous turn around and the bonds’ plunging spreads, as well as indications of deteriorating credit quality, suggest buyers should beware.

More Downgrades in Store for European MBS, ABS

By tweaking one aspect of its methodology for rating securitizations, Moody’s Investors Service has set the stage for more downgrades of deals issued out of peripheral Eurozone countries.