Commercial MBS


Colony American Preps 3rd Single-Family Rental Securitization

The issuer, which placed its first two transaction in 2014, plans to securitize a $673.8 million, five-year, floating-rate loan that pays only interest for the entire term.

Progress Plans $438M Single Family Rental Securitization

With this latest transaction, the issuer will have a total of three securitizations outstanding, each structured with either a fully extend term of five years or a fixed term of five years.

Key CMBS Investors Push Back Against Poor Underwriting

A select group of investors that buy the riskiest slices of commercial mortgage securitizations have lost their appetite for the very worst offending loans.

Wells Fargo Conduit Third CMBS to Price in May

The benchmark, 10-year, senior notes pay swaps plus 87 basis points, according to a pricing document. That's just outside the most recent print, by Credit Suisse.

Wells Fargo CRE Executive Killed in Amtrak Crash

Abid Gilani, a Wells Fargo senior vice president, was one of the victims in the derailment of an Amtrak train outside of Philadelphia on Tuesday.



Reg AB II Returns from Limbo

Regulation AB governs registration, reporting and disclosure requirements for all things asset-backed. The Securities and Exchange Commission appears to be ready to update it significantly, but, nearly four years after changes were originally proposed, it’s not clear exactly what the Commission will do.

Finra Files Proposal to Disseminate Price Data

The proposal would introduce dissemination of trade prices for securities ranging from highly liquid credit card and auto ABS to smaller and more esoteric deals in asset classes such as time shares, to commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) and highly structured CDOs and collateralized loan obligations.

Editor's Letter

As July came to a close, it was clear to everyone at ASR that the structured finance market was not about to take a vacation.

People on the Move

DFG Taps Goldman Vet, Barclays Bulks Up on CMBS, Ares Adds Jeffrey Kramer and the ASF Retains Mike Williams as Policy Adviser

Silver Lining

Could higher yields end up deepening the investor base for asset-backeds?


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