Moody’s: CLO Default Performance Varies ‘Significantly’ Among Managers

The rate at which loans backing CLOs default has historically varied “significantly” between managers, according to a study published last month by Moody’s Investors Service.

Why CLO Managers Aren't "Printing and Sprinting"

Despite a steep selloff in leveraged loans, few CLO managers are rushing to sell securities in the expectation of being able to source collateral quickly. That's because bargains are concentrated in the oil and gas sectors.

ABS East: Don’t Hold Your Breath for ‘No-Action’ Letter

The CLO industry would love to have more explicit guidance from regulators on rules requiring managers to keep ‘skin in the game’ of these deals; unfortunately, that guidance is not likely to come any time soon.

Expect Less Reg Anxiety, More Credit Talk at ABS East

As the trough of the interest rate cycle comes to end, the conference will play host to more talk of how resilient the underlying credits — often consumers — are in securitizations.

US CLO Issuance Slows Again in August, to $6B

That was the second lowest monthly level this year, and it brings volume for the first eight months of the year to $73.7 billion.



CLO Triple-As Still Calling the Shots

The limited number of buyers able to write big tickets allows them players to dictate terms.

No Exception to Risk Retention for CLOs

Risk-retention rules could thin the ranks of CLO managers; the industry was hoping for a workaround, but what it got is pretty much unworkable.

Risk Retention Rules May Shrink U.S. CLO Market

The U.S. market for collateralized loan obligations would shrink by 75% if proposed risk-retention rules are implemented, according to the Loan Syndication and Trading Association.

People on the Move

DFG Taps Goldman Vet, Barclays Bulks Up on CMBS, Ares Adds Jeffrey Kramer and the ASF Retains Mike Williams as Policy Adviser

CLO Managers Grapple with S&P Recovery Test

A shift in the leveraged loan market has intensified grumbling among CLO managers about the way Standard & Poor’s rates the senior tranches of these deals.


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