For Grexit Fallout, Look to Argentina

By Felipe Ossa

If you want to know what a Greek exit from the euro would do to the €16.7 billion ($19 billion) of bonds out there backed by Greek assets, a good place to start is Argentina.

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Latest News

Ocwen Set to Lose Mortgage Servicing Contracts After Default

– Ocwen Financial Corp., the mortgage servicer under attack for its handling of home loans, is being fired from overseeing debt backing two bond deals, according to notices sent to bondholders.

Barclays Trims 2015 CLO Forecast to $90B-$100B

– The firm had originally expected issuance to be as high as $120 billion as managers rushed to complete deals before risk retention rules take effect in 2016; so far that isn't really happening.

Fitch Flags Commod Prices as Concern in John Deere ABS

– While historical losses for this agricultural equipment leases have been low, Fitch is concerned that farm income could be negatively impacted if commodity prices remain low for an extended period of time. This risk is exacerbated by the high concentration of agricultural equipment leases in the deal: 75%.

Westlake, Flagstar Add $680M to Subprime Auto Pipeline

– Westlake's deal benefits from higher credit enhancement than its previous securitization, according to S&P; the collateral backing Flagship's deal is "marginally weaker."


Featured Articles

With Ocwen, Enforcement Is a Balancing Act

– State attorneys general continue to aggressively investigate Ocwen Financial's mortgage servicing practices, but they are also mindful that too much enforcement could cripple the company and cause major headaches for millions of homeowners whose loans Ocwen services.

What Auto Bubble? Exeter Looks to Deflate Critics

– The chief executive officer of Exeter Finance responds to critics who argue that it's become too easy for Americans with low credit scores to finance a car purchase

B of A Bids Adieu to Its Student Loans (Or Does It?)

– Bank of America is following Wells Fargo by putting out for sale the last of its federally guaranteed student loans; it may well repurchase them one day if they are securitized.

RMBS with Genuine Risk

– The first deal of 2015 showed that investors want exposure to loans that are anything but the safest bets.

Ending Hated 'Disparate Impact' is a Tough Sell for High Court

– The industry may be hoping the Supreme Court kills the unpopular “disparate impact” theory via a pivotal Texas case argued Jan. 21, but some of the justices’ statements left analysts skeptical that the legal basis used in fair lending cases will end.

Relief, But Also Confusion, as Terrorism Insurance Renewed

– The commercial real estate market breathed a sigh of relief when Congress finally renewed the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act on Jan. 12, nearly two weeks after it had expired. But borrowers and loan servicers are still dealing with headaches created by this short gap in coverage.

The Swaps Rule Keeping ABS Professionals Up at Night

– Forget the swaps pushout; structured finance professionals are much more concerned about a proposal that would require ABS vehicles to post variation margin — basically additional cash — everyday on the swaps they tend to engage in.

New Issuers Add Lift to Aircraft Lease ABS

– While larger lessors such as Aercap and GE Capital Aviation Services have generally found funding via general corporate obligations to be more attractive, securitization has become an important source of capital for some smaller firms that would have difficulty tapping the high yield bond market.

Mid-Sized Managers Grab Bigger Share of U.S. CLO Market

– Moody's Investors Services' rankings for the fourth quarter of 2014 still includes many familiar names, but the industry's heavyweights lost ground to some medium-sized managers.

Worst May Be over for Asset-Backed Commercial Paper

– An economy on the rebound and greater regulatory clarity are two leading catalysts. Another is the prospect of rising interest rates, which should make it more attractive to issue short-term debt to fund longer-term assets, such as consumer loans and other kinds of debt that will eventually be securitized.


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RMBS with Genuine Risk

The first deal of 2015 showed that investors want exposure to loans that are anything but the safest bets.

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