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Should Asset-Backeds Go Back to Their Old Pricing Benchmark?

By Felipe Ossa

Much of the securitization universe—from auto loan deals to commercial-mortgage backeds—uses what’s known as the “swaps curve” to price floating-rate deals. Before 2000, Treasurys were the go-to benchmark. Pricing movements are causing some to ask whether the market should go back.

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Latest News

Wells Fargo Forecasts CLO Issuance Drop for 2016

– Issuance of CLOs in the U.S. market this year fell short of 2014 totals will fall further next year, Wells Fargo Securities Senior Analyst David Preston said in a recent report.

CMBS Underwriting Standards Expected to Keep Slipping

– Commercial mortgages bundled into securities will keep seeing their underwriting standards deteriorate from this year into 2016, say JPMorgan analysts. But they predict the pace of deterioration will slow down, with pressure from investors deterring lenders from lowering their standards much more.

House GOP Accuses CFPB of Improper Auto Lending Crackdown

– The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau took "misguided and deceptive" actions in extracting settlements from indirect auto lenders for possible discrimination against minorities, House Republicans said in a report issued Tuesday.

Fannie Program on Verifying Household Income Garners Praise

– A new Fannie Mae program allowing non-borrower income to count in qualifying homeowners for low-down-payment loans received near-universal praise from industry representatives and federal officials at a recent housing symposium here.


Featured Articles

The Real Upside to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

– Are Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac an antidote to the influence of big banks in the mortgage market, and, by extension, in the economy? A Q&A with bestselling author Bethany McLean, who recently came out with "Shaky Ground," an in-depth look at the GSEs.

How CIFC is Getting “Skin in the Game”

– The largest U.S. collateralized loan obligation manager by number of deals, it is raising its own capital to finance retention of stakes in its deals.

How Swap Margin Rules for ABS Could Up Borrowing Costs

– A rule recently finalized by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and other banking regulators would impose a margin-posting requirement for uncleared swaps, which are used to hedge interest rate risk in securitization.

Nonbank Lenders Court Mom-and-Pop Landlords

– Forget "bigger is better". Several private-equity-backed lenders are making loans to small landlords, who represent the biggest chunk of the home-rental market and get less help from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac than they once did.

Definition of 'Competition' at Issue as DOJ Reviews Citi's OneMain Sale

– Springleaf's proposed acquisition of Citi's OneMain Holdings is being delayed by the Justice Department, which appears focused on preserving competition at the local level — even as a raft of new subprime installment lenders are popping up on the Web

Swaps "Trade War" Means More Uncertainty on Margin Rules

– While the vast majority of swaps used in securitization are uncleared, and currently don't face a margin requirement, this exemption may not last.

Interest in New FHLB Securitization Option Steadily Growing

– A new program to provide the benefits of Ginnie Mae securitization to Federal Home Loan Bank members has been slow getting off the ground, but industry insiders say momentum is building

CMBS Investors Up in Arms Over Prudential Plaza Loan

– The inclusion of a loan secured by Chicago’s Prudential Plaza in a recent CMBS is causing a stir. Some investors are on edge about the property’s recent financing history, which suggest sharply different appraisal values within weeks of each other.

Risk Sharing Is No Substitute for Capital at Fannie, Freddie

– If we can't identify adequate capital to bear mortgage credit losses when they are incurred, aren't we setting ourselves up for another series of bailouts in the next housing downturn?

Obama Administration Ramps Up Pressure on Student Lenders, Servicers

– Federal student loan servicers could not market other products to borrowers and private student loans lacking certain protections could be discharged in bankruptcy under new recommendations unveiled Thursday by the Obama administration.


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Credit Barbelling in CMBS is on the Rise

As concerns mount about the riskier loans being packaged into commercial mortgage backeds, several banks have come up with a new strategy for making deals more attractive to investors. They are boosting exposure to both high quality and highly leveraged mortgages.

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